Noelle is such a Daddy's girl. :-)

I've had no motivation today. None at all. Could it be the lack of caffiene? I'm out of Diet Coke . . . Hmmm. I feel guilty when I don't check much stuff off of my to-do list, but I know sometimes I just need some down time. I guess it's a good thing I laid around today . . . tomorrow is going to be busy! Travis has the rest of the week off starting tomorrow (yeah!) and I'm going to take advantage of that and go grocery shopping early tomorrow a.m. before my Bible study. (Early + Walmart = good). Then Bible study at church, and since Travis is off, he's going to keep Noelle for me. Then clean up around house for our Community Group tomorrow night, and also do my layout of the bulletin and as much stuff as I can for Sunday. We're planning on taking a mini road trip to Memphis on Thursday and Friday just to go away for a few days. They have a Chinese Panda exhibit at the Memphis Zoo now and we may check that out. The part I love is that we really don't have any plans - other than just family time. :-)

More later . . . off to motivate myself towards making dinner!


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