Working Hard

I've been in planner mode today . . . several upcoming events coming up that I'm trying to do some pre-thinking on. Now that I've added some music team responsibilities to my plate, it seems that odd that I'm already trying to brainstorm about Christmas! Today, specifically, I have been thinking about a prayer day that our church takes part of every November - the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church (November 14). I am at a loss for a song that would be an appropriate special music number for that day. If your church doesn't take part in this, I would highly recommend it. Although I know there are Christians out there who are still martyred for their faith in Christ, it's easy to not think about it. I appreciate the fact that our missions coordinator puts it in our face frequently! (And any song suggestions would be great . . . hint!)

I'm feeling the need for a thankful list today . . . it's been ho-hum and I need to remind myself "in everything, give thanks!"

~ My husband. I'm likin' him. :-)
~ Noelle took two great naps today - we're finally getting back on schedule after being topsy turvy since the weekend!
~ I have leftovers in the fridge and don't have to come up with something creative for dinner.
~ A friend returned to me my Indiana Jones DVD set, so I may have a veg-out night with Indy. :-)
~ We had our annual service call from the plumber today and for the first time in a looooooooong time, nothing has to be fixed!
~ Getting paid this weekend . . . a good thing.
~ Noelle can now identify the dogs by different sounds. Sam sounds like "zzzaaaaa" and Jenny is "eeejjjj." It's very cute.

Responses to Comments:

Nattie: Rilla of Ingleside is so good. I'm right there with you about Walter. Another hard spot to get through is the scene between Jem and Dog Monday near the end of the book. That makes me cry too. :-)

Cheri: I ended up buying her House of Dreams for the birthday party! A friend investigated for me and found out that she already had book 4. I ended up writing a note about Windy Poplars but explaining I wanted to help complete her series! :-)


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