Monday, September 20, 2004

What I Should be Doing...

I should be...

~ vacuuming
~ reading Sunday's sermon and thinking about the music
~ cleaning the bathroom
~ working on Bible study for Wednesday
~ working on the music team October schedule
~ putting away music from this weekends Missions Conference
~ cleaning some more
~ etc.

I'm pooped. This weekend was FULL, and then some. Our Missions Conference was fabulous. Our speaker this year was a man (formerly of our church) who is now on staff with FamilyLife Ministries. He spoke on Common Ground - how we can build relationships with those around us and point others towards Christ. This weekend was so freeing for me in my views on evangelism. After spending a terrified two weeks in a foriegn country back in 1998, feeling like I HAD to see someone saved or the entire trip was a failure, I have been shown a new approach to sharing my Savior with others and am excited about it!

The gist of the weekend was learning how to life the life of a sower. Not everyone is called to "harvest" souls. Lord willing, I will be there when my daughter (and hopefully future children) make a personal decision for Christ. But overall, there may not be many that I personally lead to the Lord. However, I have the privilege of being a sower! A sower moves towards individuals in a deliberate and intentional way, building relationships and trying to slowly remove the obstacles to the Gospel that a non-believer has. My best testimony is my life and through my relationships with others, I can let my faith in Christ be my testimony and speak through my actions and speech. Our missions coordinator encouraged us to look for those people in our circle of influence where we can begin sowing. Granted, right now my circle is fairly small as a stay-at-home-mom who works for her church. But then, I thought of my daughter. Already she is modelling some of her actions after me. Our neighbors, Kathryn and Tito - two children who visit us several times a week. How do they see that I treat my husband and child? Am I patient with them when they come or do I just seem like I am ready for them to leave so we can get back to our family time? What about my extended family? There are unbelievers on both Travis' and my side of the family.

But how do I get the kind of testimony and life that overflows with the Savior? How do I obtain an attitude that draws people to question why I love being a Christian? It's so simple. Be more like Christ. Commit to spending time on a daily basis with Him. How can there be an overflow of my relationship with Him when I'm only doing a half-hearted job at the relationship in the first place? Just as I need to be intentional and proactive in pursuing others, I need to be intentional and proactive about pursuing Christ. Wow. There should have been a sign in the missions manual that said, "Conviction Dead Ahead." Instead of being the bottom of my priorities, the Lord should be first, or I have nothing to work from.

So, that being said, off to work on my Bible study for a while... :-)

And, stop by Women at Home - Grand Opening today! You go girls!

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  1. Oh wow, Stephanie, thank you so much for sharing your weekend. What a great perspective. We are to be sharing the gospel, but so true it does not mean we will reap the harvest. BUT we will be a part of the harvest, because we are part of the body of Christ. PTL. Our job is to honor God in our daily lives in the mundane and to see HIS overflow into the other areas of our lives and into others. Ok, sorry to blog on your blog...hee, but thanks again for sharing.


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