New Noelle Tricks

Maybe it's the fact that her one year birthday is just a few weeks away, but she seems like she is learning something new every day! She just gets more and more precious. I can hardly stand how wonderful it is. :-)

~ Yesterday, for the first, she started spinning in a circle. She would go around about 3 times, then stop, put her little hands on her head, and make this goofy smile like she was enjoying the dizzy feeling. (She doesn't get that from Mama!) ~ In the last few weeks, she has also finally discovered books. I tried reading to her when she was younger to no avail - she wasn't at all interested in the pictures or sitting still in my lap for that long. But, in the last several days, she has started bringing me and Travis books to read to her and wanting to climb in my lap. I love it!
~ She loves coming up behind me and surprising me when I'm sitting on the floor. I sit with my back towards her and say "Where's Noelle?" I can hear her laughing as she "sneaks" up behind me and falls on my back, then peeks around my shoulder to make sure that I've noticed that she's there.
~ She has discovered the fun of being chased. Whether it's the dogs, or me, or Daddy, she loves us to chase her around the room and try and catch her. She laughs so hard that she usually can't go very fast. It cracks me up when she tries to play with the dogs - she takes their bone away from them and then scoots away as they try to get it back from her. :-)
~ She still can't say Mama yet (consistently), but "Dada" comes out loud and clear and you can tell when she is calling him or trying to get his attention. She says "hi" whenever we are on the phone (sounds like "haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah").

It's been mostly work, work, work around here today - I've been burning up the printers around the house this morning. All three printers have been humming at one point or another today. (Noelle took a 3 hour nap this morning and I got TONS done - so unusual!) The mission manuals are done - YEAH - and ready for pick-up by the folks actually assembling them this evening. Travis and I have a music rehearsal for the special numbers that our music team is preparing for this weekend so it will be a busy evening with trying to rehearse and keep an eye on Noelle at the same time. My goal was to have almost everything done so that Friday I could just have a fairly normal day with her other than preparing for our special Friday night service and potluck supper. I get to keep a friend's 3-month old for a few hours tomorrow while she goes to a work luncheon so that will be a nice change of pace from working on the computer.


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