To Do:

~ Finalize layout of mission manual
~ Print response card
~ Bank
~ mail birthday package to Noelle's cousin
~ give the dogs their heartworm pill (forgot this yesterday - ick!)
~ clean out fridge
~ lunch with my Mom and sister at Captain D's
~ email music team re: Thursday rehearsal and our October schedule Done!
~ check church voicemail Done!
~ make grocery list
~ finish lesson for Bible study tomorrow
~ work on music for mission conference!!
~ start printing mission manuals

I had a chance yesterday afternoon to spend about 45 minutes working on my 1 Samuel Bible study for this week. The lesson I was in covered 1 Samuel 2 - Hannah's prayer of thanksgiving after she gives birth to Samuel. Out of her entire prayer, I was most struck by two lines:
For the Lord is a God of knowledge,
and with Him actions are weighed.
1 Samuel 2:3b

As I was laying in bed last night, unable to sleep (Starbucks with Gina + large coffee after 9:00 p.m. = awake late at night!) and spent some time praying about some of the stuff we were talking about. That verse came back to me and it made me stop and think about some new responsibilites I am stepping into and decisions that I have been making lately - God knows everything and He knows my motives behind my actions. A sobering thought for me! I mean, I know God is omniscient - that's one of those big "holy" words that are drilled into you as a child in Sunday School. But last night I was struck with the fact that God is not just omniscient, but He knows my motives. Yikes. It made me do a double take and really start thinking about why I choose to do some of the things that I do - is it to promote myself? Is it my pride? Am I trying to manipulate something/someone to get what I want, or am I acting in a way to bring God the utmost glory possible in my actions and words? Big time NO! It shouldn't be amazing how self-serving I am, but there it was.

Deep thoughts... :-)


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