Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Day 6 - Journal Your Christmas

The prompt for today was to do a layout page comparing two Christmases ... best/worst, something like that. I went with Then and Now and had fun reminiscing with my journaling.

Then: I don't have many stand-out memories of Christmas as a child. Some years, money was tight; I remember getting pencils with my name on them one year and that was about it. But I just have good memories. Early years were spent with one set of grandparents or the other, then it was just us 4 and it stayed that way until Kathy and I got married. Photo, 4-82

Now: Now, our holidays can be a little crazy. We switch off between our TN family and our Ohio family every other year. Two years ago was the 1st and only time we've had Christmas that was just us. (We were supposed to be in OH, but the weather was bad). Although I always love the time with family, it was so fun to wake up in our own beds and do presents at home and not have to go anywhere.

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