Thursday, December 28, 2006

Meme Tags ... Playing Catch-up!

Tagged by Maria!

1. If I were inviting someone over for a special dinner, I would most likely serve.... chicken apple sausage with pasta, either a green or fruit salad, and bread

2. If I were in a rush, and needed to make something quick and easy, I would serve.... homemade pizza. I have my dough recipe memorized, and it's something I generally always have ingredients for on hand.

3. Something I ate in a restaurant that was absolutely wonderful was.... what's a restaurant? :) Umm, I love the french onion soup in a bread bowl that you get at Atlanta Bread Company.

4. Something I have had at a gathering and asked for the recipe afterwards.... my friend's coconut cake recipe. Yum.

5. My favorite meal served when I was a guest at a gathering.... I recently had some delicious cashew chicken salad at a Christmas party.

6. My kids always beg me to make..... chicken nuggets!

7. The best meal for a cold, wintery night.... any kind of soup!

8. Something that goes great from freezer to table... breakfast burritos, but only if they stop off in the microwave first!

9. My favorite crock pot meal is.... lately, Easy Beef Tips. Comfort.Food.

10. Something I have only heard being prepared in my family is.... I have made a fruit salsa with cinnamon chips several times for women's Bible study and parties and haven't ever had anything else like it before. Totally yummy!

And Pattie tagged me for the "5 things that people don't know about you" meme!

1. Most people don't know that I was a music major in college ... for a short while. I went to college on a piano scholarship, and eventually changed it to a vocal minor. I adored music and taking music classes, but had NO desire to do a senior recial, and the extra year in college that was required for the music plus education major I was working towards.

2. I have a secret devotion to the Backstreet Boys. *sigh* Or I did when they were in their hey-day. I wore out my copy of Millenium from listening to it so much. Hums "show me the meaning of being lonely..."

3. I am one of the world's worst dancers. Really and truly. Yet, I am responsible for choreographing our youth's annual entertainment at the Valentine's Day dinner they put on. A sad, cruel trick of life that that is my job, and I take it very seriously. :) I rent Backstreet Boys videos and watch the Wiggles for inspiration on "clean" dance moves that our teens can do so that their parents don't gasp in horror. :)

4. I don't watch Reality TV. Totally gets on my nerves. My one exception, because of course there is an exception, is American Idol. I'm a sucker for that one.

5. I think we have a name for the baby picked out ... at least the first name is pretty certain. :)


  1. Okay, I want that recipe for easy beef tips. We need something good for the crock pot here and I don't like to cook. Not good when you've got 6 kids!

  2. Lexie8:10 AM

    It makes me laugh that you like the backstreet boys!! I bet travis laughs at you, too!!

    I want to know the name!


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