Saturday, December 30, 2006

Journal Your Christmas - Days 13, 16, 17 & 30

Continuing to knock out pages in my Journal Your Christmas book, and having a blast.

Day 13:
I have had the layout for this page done for a couple weeks, but just did the journaling last night after taking time to think about it. The page prompt was about presents and any family traditions that go along with them. I used it as a page that I could write down gifts that I want to give the 5 most important people in my life ... and they aren't tangible things that I could wrap.

Journal Your Christmas - Day 13

Journal Your Christmas - Day 13

Day 16:
This isn't really the prompt for day 16, but I got a page or two scrambled here or there. This is to document those who we visited or who would come to visit us over Christmas so I wrote out all of Travis' family and friends that we saw in Ohio.

Journal Your Christmas - Day 16

Day 17:
Another page I did a while back, but I can't remember if I posted it or not. Reminiscing on a favorite gift.

Journal Your Christmas - Day 17

Day 30:
Today's prompt, done today! A look back over 2006.

Journal Your Christmas - Day 30

Jouranl Your Christmas - Day 30


  1. WOW! Love your gifts page ... so sweet! Also love your squares for the year in review! :) Everything about your pages is just delicious!

  2. Love your review page of 2006 - going to have to try this! Great work!

  3. Suzanne1:06 PM

    Can you tell me where you get your cool books? I like the spiral bound like you have, but can't find them at Michaels. Where else would they be?

    Thank you!

  4. I've really enjoyed looking at all your journal pages. You've got such great ideas. I have ideas, but they never turn out right in real life!
    Happy New Year :-)


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