Friday, December 08, 2006

Just for Fun

Found this at Michelle's

1. All I want for Christmas is: to be with Travis and the girls; on a truly mercenary note, I would love a mother's ring or a new cell phone.
2. If I could go anywhere in the world I would go to: Israel. Or Disneyworld. How's that for a contrast!
3. People often underestimate the power of: really listening to someone when they are talking to you.
4. Christmas makes me feel: young.
5. In a perfect world there would be: free Diet Coke.
6. If I could meet one blogger it would be: Oh my, I don't know. Maybe Cheri ... or one of the scrapbookers whose work I admire. I really can't pick!
7. The stupidest yet funniest movie ever made was: Napoleon Dynamite
8. My first New Years Resolution will be: to read through the Bible in 2007.
9. _______ really skeeves me out: mice
10. I did this Meme because: It had fun questions!

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