Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Fun Links

A couple fun links that I've found in the last couple days.

  • Check out these way cool barettes that you can make!! Just regular metal barettes (or what we called growing up "gymnastic barettes" because all the gymnasts in the Olympics were covered in the to keep their hair back). :)
  • How to make your own gingerbread house from scratch ... this actually looks doable! I can see this as a craft project with N1 in the future. Link courtesy of Janel @ Pearls, a recent new bloggy discovery.
  • All sorts of way cool winter/Christmas desktops for your computer from Better Homes and Garden ... I signed up for their Christmas emails which I've been enjoying, thanks to a tip from Lindsay at Enjoy the Journal and Advent for Evangelicals. (If you have NOT checked out her advent site you are so missing out). I've downloaded several for my computer ... and will try to not change my desktop on a daily basis although I could!
  • Another craft project I can't wait to try ... decorating boxes. Of course, you should just check out Kahmei Smith's blog anyway ... her's has pictures on it that just make me happy.
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