Friday, December 29, 2006

Journal Your Christmas, con't.

I'm still here. Playing catch up after several days out of town and no internet. *gasp!* I'm amazed I survived. I actually did try to log on at my in-laws to see if someone had her baby, but had computer issues. Turns out I haven't missed any baby news either way. :)

Anyway, back to the Journal. This has been one of the most fun projects I have ever done. I'm already planning on doing this again next year. I think this will make wonderful memories down the road ... even if I don't do one every year, every so often we can look at what Christmas was like THAT year and what was important, our favorite thing, etc.

Day 20:
This was a page to reflect on the Christmas mail that had come and unexpected treasures that arrived in the mail. I am saving my Christmas cards to put in our family's Christmas album, so I listed everyone here that we received a card from this year (so far!) with a little room for any that may arrive late. :)

Journal Your Christmas - Day 20

Day 21:
A candid photo of how it really is here when no one is looking and we are just going about our day to day.

Journal Your Christmas - Day 21

Day 22:
Just a to-do list of what still needs to be done ... this was my list of to-do's from 12/22, although I just journaled it tonight. I guarantee I still had all these things to do that day though!

Journal Your Christmas - Day 22

Day 28:
December indulgences ... what do you splurge, look forward to, indulge in at this one special time of year.

Journal Your Christmas - Day 28


  1. great entries I am playing catch up too I have 3 days to post in the morning and I don't even have the excuse of being away.

  2. Lexie1:06 AM

    (not commenting til you cave and tell us the name!!)

  3. I love your handwriting - really clear and neat. Well done on the catch up!

  4. Oh, these are too cute! Love your pic of the "no pants" and such! Made me giggle. :) Your handwriting is amazing!

  5. Love the gifts to the Lord and family. I'm way behind but working slowly through and love seeing what others have done

  6. Great entries! It is great to see so much journalling, I felt that I didn't write enough.


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