Thursday, December 21, 2006

Merry Christmas!

Just a last post before I turn to packing for our trip to visit our Ohio family for Christmas. (Seriously, I have GOT to start packing)! Thank you all so much for your kind words about baby girl #3. I must admit, I am in a bit of shock, although it's good shock. :) This pregnancy has been SOOOOO different from N1 and N2 ... no morning sickness, the baby is riding really low, no usual pregnancy congestion ... that I figured the only thing that was making that much of a difference was that it was a boy. Well, I guess not! :) At some point, I will scan in an ultrasound picture or two, but that just isn't going to happen before we head out of town. We do have to have a 2nd ultrasound on January 9th ... baby girl was very uncooperative during the ultrasound, which didn't really surprise me as she has been the least active of my babies thus far. She mostly stayed curled up in a little ball down low and didn't not want to budge. While they got most of her measurements, they weren't able to get a great look at her little heart, and while they don't anticipate any problems, they just want to make sure that everything is fine and they have all the information that they need for their records.

There were several questions that came up in the comments about our new girlie. One was whether or not we are going to go with an "n" name this time around. At this point, it's not likely ... several of you suggest Naomi, and while I love that name, Travis isn't fired up about it, and the name also carries a lot of family baggage with it and would be hard for my family. Travis has suggested Nora, which doesn't thrill me, although I don't have anything personal against that name. It just doesn't click. We do have a potential non-N name that we both like and we are rolling it around to see if it sticks ... and if we use it, Travis already has his nickname for her to go with it. :) We'll definitely share if/when we decide. After all, we have 8 hours there and back over the next few days to talk about it - maybe we'll come up with something. :)

I'll leave you with a glimpse of our Christmas card picture for this year and blessings and wishes for a wonderful Christmas for you and your families!

Christmas Card Take 2 - Smiles


  1. That picture is SO sweet! Have a wonderful trip and visit with you family!

    Let us know if you decide on a name while you're gone! :-)

  2. Your girls are so beautiful. heh! Naomi was the name I was going to suggest as well. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that name and have begged Scott with both of our last 2 girls for it. He however doesn't care for it.

  3. How about Nancy?? It's a good old name and there aren't many of us, ha!

  4. A very beautiful photo
    have a very Merry Christmas and a lovely time away

  5. Lovely piccie - how about Niamh or Nuala - 2 names from the celtic side of the pond....


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