Friday, January 05, 2007

Big Stuff with a Capital "B"!

What happened to my little girls!? They are changing like crazy ... maybe they know that Mama is going to have her hands full with three of them and they are doing their best to help me out. I don't know, there sure are lots of changes happening around here.

  • N1 is potty-trained. Seriously. And pretty much did it all by herself. Last Friday, she started wanting to go to the bathroom and using the potty and we thought, Okay, we can do this. It continued on Saturday for a good part of the day. We lost momentum on Sunday because of church and spending the day at my parents, but on Tuesday (I think) of this week, she was back to going to the potty consistently. We've averaged about one accident a day, and she usually stops herself and RUNS to the bathroom when it happens. (Going #2 is a different story, but after two accidents of that, she caught herself and tried to make it to the bathroom). Yesterday, I told her that now that she was going in the potty so good, that we weren't going to wear diapers anymore unless she was going to bed or taking a nap and we've stuck with it. Tonight, we ran our first bunch of errands in panties - the bank, the library, the church, and out to dinner and NO ACCIDENTS! Pretty big stuff.
  • N2 is starting to seriously consider walking. She has taken two steps on her own today and is pretty impressed with herself. I think she's just realized that she can reach more stuff when she's standing than from the floor.
  • And she has a couple of words. She can say, "Yea!" when she claps her hands. And, she says "mama" all the time. On "mama", I would say I'm 85% sure that she's talking about me ... I'm not ready to commit to the full 100% yet. But I'm close. :)

    So many changes this week. I can hardly stand it. :)

    1. Woo hoo!!!!! Yay N1!!!!! And N2. She's not all the much behind baby bear. Baby Bear has taken her time deciding that walking is a viable form of transportation. But today she walked across academy sports holding my hand. As for words... well, they are coming.... mama, dada, and the rest are usually the beginning consonant sounds without the endings. fun stuff!!!

    2. Oh your babies are growing up! It's such fun spending time with young children because they change so much in a short amount of time.


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