Sunday, January 21, 2007


My brain that is. I believe I'm entering into that fog known as the 3rd trimester. My dr. warned me that I would really feel the exhaustion this time since #2 and #3 are so close together. She may be on to something.

That said, I've no energy to come up with anything interesting or exciting. So, the scary part, if you have a question, throw it out. I know I have one meme on here saved back that I still need to do from a tag that Lauren hit me with, but other than that ... nada.

Now, we see what happens. :)


  1. Praying for you as you chase two little ones around and take care of yourself and Elizabeth!

  2. Hmmm, a question about anything? I'll give you a couple and then you can pick and choose!
    How you did and your hubby meet?
    What thing in your house could you not live without?
    What's your favourite colour?
    Why did you choose Elizabeth as the name for baby no.3 (can't remember if you've alread shared that, sorry - am really tired too!)
    What was last thing you ate?
    What famous person would you most like to meet?
    Hmmm, will that do?!!
    Sending you love, hugs and prayers.

  3. i've tagged you again, and this one is shorter....

    what kind of cookie are you?


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