Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Happy New Year

Happy New Year! We've finally finished making the rounds of Christmas with both sides of the family and are trying to get back into a post-holiday routine of sorts. We had a good time in Ohio with Travis' family over Christmas and then celebrate with my side over New Year's weekend. The girls will be under the impression that Christmas is a two-week event I'm afraid!

A few pictures from the last two weeks ...

Christmas with my family

Natalie and my Dad
N2 with my Dad.

The Girls

Christmas Presents!
This is N2 freaking out over her new train ... I think it may be my favorite picture from this year! :)

Natalie & Grandma Fagan
N2 with Travis' mom.

Slowly trying to get back into my Mama-groove around here. :) I've been thinking and pondering on some changes I want to make for 2007 ... resolutions if you will ... and can hopefully get around to writing those down before it's February.


  1. love the pics! your girls are getting so big! next summer, we'll be keeping n2 from jumping in the fish pond at the church picnic (if it's at the same place).

  2. What cute pictures! I love the first one and the one of N2 freaking out over the train. Too cute!

  3. I love the pictures :-)
    And isn't that the best thing about Christmas (ok, so maybe not best- we don't wanna forget Jesus being born ..., but a good thing") being able to visit family and have an extended Christmas. We had 'Christmas' on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday this year - with different lots of relatives each time. I love it!


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