Saturday, January 27, 2007

Week in Review

  • A fairly normal week around here.
  • No one was sick this week. Woot!
  • We had a few crazy, busy days.
  • Like Wednesday ... I have a women's Bible study in the morning, N1 has her little gym class at 1:15, and then Awana in the evening.
  • But that only lasts one more week and then her gym class is DONE!
  • Which I'm a little sad about because she has enjoyed it so much.
  • But not sad enough to re-enroll her ... we need a break before the baby arrives.
  • Debs asked me why we are naming the baby "Elizabeth."
  • Several reasons. We seem to lean towards and prefer girl names that are girl names. I prefer not to have someone hear my baby's name and wonder, hmmm, is that a boy or a girl? And we lean towards names that are a little more old fashion, as you can probably guess with the real names for N1 & N2.
  • Not that there aren't some trendier names that I don't love. Like Quincy. I think that name would be soooo cute for a little girl.
  • But then, I also just think the letter "Q" is cool.
  • I've had a busy week for my Punkin' Press business.
  • Two sets of notecards (here and here) and one set of baby announcements went out this week.
  • And, I've been asked to do the rehearsal dinner invites for a friends' upcoming nuptials. :-) That's just fun to say.
  • This next week is going to be BUSY.
  • Today we are doing some grocery shopping (not my favorite thing for a Saturday, but oh well).
  • Sunday, we are having our family celebration for N2's 1st birthday!
  • Monday, looks to be fairly normal although I need to do some baking for the week.
  • Tuesday, N2's birthday, 1 yr. dr. appointment and recheck for both girls from their ear infections.
  • Wednesday, CRAZY DAY. Bible study, last gym class, and Awana.
  • Thursday, normal other than I'm on music team this week so Grandma will come over and watch the girls for a few hours in the evening.
  • Friday & Saturday, NOTHING. Yea!
  • Off to get cleaned up and dressed for our day!
  • Happy Saturday y'all.


  1. What a wonderfully busy week!!! I can feel the energy from here!

  2. Good reasons :-) I like the name Elizabeth, and there are lots of different ways it can be shortened if you want to. I have a Quincy in my sunday school class and he's a boy (well, obviously HE is) so I think Elizabeth is a good choice!

  3. Sounds like a great week. Congrats on the business growth!!! :-)


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