Friday, January 05, 2007

Journal Your Christmas, More Pages

Look closely and you might find the first name for our new baby hidden in here somewhere! :)

Day 18:

Journal Your Christmas - Day 18

Day 19:

Journal Your Christmas - Day 19

Day 23:

Journal Your Christmas - Day 23

Day 24:

Journal Your Christmas - Day 24

Day 26:

Journal Your Christmas - Day 26

Day 31:

Journal Your Christmas - Day 31

Day 32:

Journal Your Christmas - Day 32


  1. Great pages - love your handwriting, and your Christmas menu! (and it's a lovely name, hope all goes well for you all).

  2. I too love the name! It's the middle name of our little Princess! =)

  3. That's a lovely name :-)
    And as ever some beautiful scrapbooking!

  4. Yes, that was our second choice for names...and we were going to put it as the middle name, but the Lord just really prompted me to use Joy--Eden Joy. If I EVER have another one I LOVE the name Elizabeth. Yay! She'll be such a doll! (You could call her Ellie...)

  5. LOVE that name!!

  6. What a beautiful name! :-)

  7. that last one was from me...the new Blogger always reverts to my Google name.

  8. That's my middle name. I've always been glad I was the one with that middle name instead of my sister's middle name. (Her's rhymes with smurfette, and she's short, so we had a saying combining the two growing up.)

  9. I noticed that over at Flickr :-) I love the name... what did you pick for a middle?

  10. Your pages are just so clean and so beautiful! I love it!

  11. you have a fantastic journal!!! and i love your handwriting too!!

  12. DawnM7:01 PM

    Hi Stephanie...your Christmas journal pages are so beautiful. I love the name you and Travis picked out for your little one.

  13. Great job on the journal. And, I LOVE your handwriting. :)
    sherry grove

  14. Lexie7:17 AM

    will she be elly or lizzie or liz or beth?


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