Monday, January 22, 2007

Homemaking Meme

Found at Enjoy the Journey, created by Sallie at A Gracious Home:

Aprons – Y/N?
No, but I really want one. I can't cook or wash dishes without wearing food, or becoming COMPLETELY soaked with water.

Baking – Favorite thing to bake:
I love making pancakes and biscuits for the girls, and chocolate chip cookies, of course. :)

Clothesline – Y/N?
No yet. I figured out where I want to put one in the backyard - I would love to be able to hang diapers out for some fresh air!

Donuts – Have you ever made them?
Not tried those yet ... but I'm a pretty Dunkin' Donuts fan. It would take a LOT to top their donuts.

Every day – One homemaking thing you do every day:
Wash dishes and pick up toys.

Freezer – Do you have a separate deep freeze?
YES! I love it! Travis gave it to me for Christmas last year, right before we had N2. It has been so great to have as we stockpiled a little right before her arrival.

Garbage Disposal – Y/N?

Handbook – What is your favorite homemaking resource?
So many...

Ironing – Love it or hate it?
I don't mind it, but I don't have to do it very often. Only when Travis needs a work shirt pressed, or I want to get rid of some wrinkles in one of the girls' dresses.

Junk drawer – Y/N? Where is it?
I don't really have one now that I think of it, unless it is the center/middle drawer of my desk.

Kitchen: Design & Decorating?
The kitchen is very small and out-dated. It's was painted entirely in white so I've been trying to add a little color slowly. As I replace appliances, I usually pick black (we now have a black coffee maker and toaster), and when I need to buy some accessory (like measuring cups, spatulas, baskets) I go for red. Red seems to have become the prevailing accent throughout the house which I like.

Love – What is your favorite part of homemaking?
Being home with the girls, doing laundry, playing, making dinner, having so many days where we never have to leave the house ... way to many things to pick just one.

Mop – Y/N?
Not often, but yes.

Nylons – Wash by hand or in the washing machine?
Don't wear them ... I can't remember the last pair of nylons I bought. If I wear anything, it's tights.

Oven – Do you use the window or open the oven to check?
Light ... because usually when I check there is a little person or two standing there by me and I would rather them NOT fall into the oven when it's on.

Pizza – What do you put on yours?
Normally, cheese and pepperoni. Occasionally, ham and pineapple. If I'm really lucky, I'll make me a veggie one with onions, broccoli, olives, etc.

Quiet – What do you do during the day when you get a quiet moment?
Usually work on my church job, check emails. Sometimes read, but then I usually just fall asleep. :)

Recipe card box – Y/N?
No - all my recipes are stored on the computer, and I'm working on making a recipe/scrapbook of some of our family favorites.

Style of house –
Um, small? It's just a regular old house, 2 bedrooms, one bath.

Tablecloths and napkins – Y/N?
No tablecloths ... too many little fingers that might pull it off, but we do use cloth napkins. Love that.

Under the kitchen sink – Organized or toxic wasteland?
Totally organized, thanks to my husband.

Vacuum – How many times per week?
Daily, sometimes 2-3 times a day in the summer with the dogs are shedding. It completely grosses me out to have babies on the floor with dog hair. Can.Not.Handle.It.

Wash – How many loads of laundry do you do per week?
At least one load per day, and 3-4 days, I do two loads a day.

X’s – Do you keep a daily list of things to do that you cross off?

Yard – Y/N? Who does what?
Travis does all of it. I have a black thumb when it comes to plants and, plus, I've been pregnant the last few years so mowing the grass in the summer hasn't really been an option.

Zzz’s – What is your last homemaking task for the day before going to bed?
Dishes at night, usually fixing Travis an evening snack of some kind.

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