Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Lesson Plans ::: China

This week we are tackling the giant country of China in our school work! With the Olympics starting on Friday, I had planned to do a combined China/Olympic week, but there is (obviously) a lot one can do with even just a pre-K overview of China. :) Our week is going to touch on the following items:

  • mark China on our world map

  • look at China's flag, comparing it to the US flag

  • look at Noelle's name in Chinese as well as the Chinese numbers

  • talk about the panda! We are going to work our way through this lapbook on the panda.

  • we also have this neat magazine to read together, and it will hold many of the answers we need to construct our lapbook. Coincidence? I think not. ;)

  • for our snack and craft on Thursday, we are going to try panda pita pockets. I personally doubt pandas eat this, but it certainly looks yummy!

  • watch the San Diego Zoo panda cam.

  • listen to Chinese music. (We actually have a CD of a Chinese choir here at home so we'll dust that off, but you can find videos of Chinese music on youtube.

  • dinner on Friday will be Chinese! We'll have fried rice, egg rolls, and lo mein noodles; I've also bought a few fortune cookies and some chinese egg noodles for them to try. Then we will watch some of the Olympic opening ceremonies on TV.

I'm very excited about this week! Along with our China activities, we are steadily working through our math workbook and winding up Explode the Code (finished off "y" and started "v" this week.)

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