Wednesday, August 27, 2008

'Tis the Season

  • dance started back up yesterday for the oldest (as did my exercise at keeping the littlest two occupied and out of trouble for that hour)

  • Awana starts up in about a week!

  • my husband steps in to some new responsibilities at church with our community outreach and tutoring program

  • and also starts his seminary course for this fall

  • women's Bible studies kick off in about two weeks

  • trying to figure out a new daily routine ~ where Noelle gets a little one-on-one time to do some pre-K and the others are into mischief

  • scheduling dentist appointments and dr. check-ups for some

  • trying to find the balance in the "want-to's" and the "need-to's" that make up my day

  • re-prioritizing a few things ... things that I want to do are getting the back burner because I spend too much time frittering away at other things. Changes need to be made.

And a fun picture, just because:

A Garden Girl (what she calls herself)

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