Thursday, August 21, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen things that are in this pile on my desk...

  • a cookbook that I bought at the library sale today - "Our Favorite Casseroles - Favorites from Home Economic Teachers." How cool does this sound??

  • a postcard from Lee Company saying that it's time for our bi-annual a/c / heating service call. (Didn't we just do this?)

  • Isolation by Travis Thrasher ... to review.

  • a sales flyer from Joann's

  • a free issue of Memory Makers that came in the mail today

  • postcards for our church's 20th anniversary homecoming celebration that need to go in the mail this week.

  • an old picture of the girls

  • old letters that I cleaned out of a cedar chest.

  • two cards that I received from students when I worked at an elementary school. I need to scan them in and share them ... they are precious to me. :)

  • graduation cards that I *blushes* never sent.

  • the Managers of Their Home book ... I've read this. Now I just need to put some of it in practice.

  • E's birth certificate info that I need to put back in her file.

  • Look at that! There were only twelve "catagories" of things in that pile. Better than I expected. :)

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