Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Little Bits

Yesterday we had our outing to visit the Bicentennial Mall in downtown Nashville. While the fountains that we were expecting to frolic and splash in were broken, the girls were still able to get sufficiently wet to make it a satisfactory trip.

Bicentennial Mall

Betsy Boo wasn't sure about venturing into the water alone ... sitting on the side was exciting enough if she didn't have big sisters to hang on to.

Bicentennial Mall ::: Cautious

Bicentennial Mall


A few Natalie quotes ... she has been quite funny of late. The vocabulary is expanding and, I think, because she is talking earlier and clearer than Noelle was at this age, it's even more hilarious to see how her two-year old mind works. For example:

Me: Natalie, do you want to take a nap with me?
Natalie: No, you go take a nap with your ownself.

Me: Natalie, you are being whiny like a baby.
Natalie: No (while whining) I whining like a Nah-nee*.

The other day she and I were reading a story together that she picked out: "Seeping Bootie and da Feery Dogmudders".

And lastly ... you know that knock knock joke where the child says banana over and over (and over and over) until they finally get to the one where they say "orange you glad I stopped saying banana"? That is favorite in our house right now. (Over and over and over and over...) Anyway, Natalie's version of it is as follows:

Natalie: Knock knock
Me: Who's there?
Natalie: Orange juice
Me: Orange juice who?
Natalie: I just going to drink it! :)

*Nah-nee = Natalie-ese for Natalie :)

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