Thursday, August 21, 2008

Posting ... or a lack thereof

I've tried to start my Daybook entry several times this week, but just haven't had the time (or the focus) to get at it. Things have been hoppin' over here in our little world and not enough hours. :) So, of course this must be summarized by a bullet-point list.

  • potty-training. Still working on this with my #2 girl. Part of it is going really well and part ... not so much. However, the promise of a brand-new Dora nightgown has been revived and reminded and there has been renewed enthusiasm and effort. On tap today is to make a little chart for the wall so she and Daddy can check it off each evening. My girls are all about checking off the chart.

  • our women's Bible studies at church are kicking off in about 1 month so every free moment on the computer has been spent doing proofreading and layout design for one of the studies. (If you are a local and interested in an expository Bible study for women, I cannot speak highly enough about our women's coordinator. I would love to give you details about it!) This fall we are going to walk through 1 Peter. As I emailed our women's coordinator when I sent her back some proofs last night, it's not really fair that I get to see all these study sheets because now I wish our study started this week instead in another month - it's going to be good (and hard!) I am looking forward to the challenge ... once we get them all proofed, finalized and printed (the next project).

  • pre-K is still going well with N1. We hit a wall with our Olympic lapbook last week, but the beauty of homeschooling? We just left it there and have moved on! (It was a VERY cool lapbook, but the concepts - Olympic oath, the olive branch wreath the athletes wore - a bit much for her). This week is all about FARMS and very fun. We are reading farm books from the library and will hopefully go to the zoo on Friday and visit the farm there (if we aren't rained out). We've also started our first chapter book, Farmer Boy, and the girls play and draw while I read.

Anyway, there's more, but I have about 30 minutes before the girls are out of their beds (I've put a clock in their room and they are to stay in their bed until they see the "7" - a huge help to me!) Back to work before they appear and hopefully I'll be checking back in soon. :)

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