Monday, December 22, 2008

A Bloggy Book Review ::: Boomtown


Thanks to the nice folks at Thomas Nelson, I was sent a copy of Boomtown to review. 

Boomtown is not your average town. For one thing, it's the home of Chang's Fireworks Factory, only the greatest fireworks factory ever! And the people of Boomtown love to blow things up. This unusual town is where Arthur Button moves his family and tries not to get himself killed in the process. He's the newest pastor at Boomtown Church. Actually, he's the 25th pastor of Boomtown Church - and the 24 preceeding pastors have all perished in highly unusual ways.

On top of just trying to stay alive (!), there is also an unusual mystery that needs to be solved. Things are disappearing ... unusual things. A lawnmower, old pieces of wood, an old coat. Where are these things going? You find the answer to this mystery and a even more about what makes the folks of Boomtown so special in this book!

I thoroughly enjoyed this book even though I think the readership is geared to a 10+ year old boy. It has adventure, loveable characters and things! blow! up! a lot! in this book. :) One note, there is a side story (very brief) about a baby left on a doorstep and the young parents didn't feel they could raise the child. I thought it was well handled in the story, but as a parent, I would want a head's up that was in the book in case my child came to me with any questions! Even with that disclosure, I think this would be an entertaining book for a tween (especially boys) if you are looking for a last minute Christmas gift.


  1. This looks like an awesome book! I like the sound of it very much.

    I'm also glad you are in on the L.M. Montgomery challenge! Looking forward to hearing what your picks are! =D (I'm having a REALLY HARD time deciding myself!)

  2. I signed up for the book review also. I haven't received mine though. Sounds like a good book. Will have to keep my eyes open for this.


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