Thursday, December 11, 2008

Thursday Thirteen ::: December 11

Just 13 random things...

1. I should make banana bread more often. Yum.
2. I love Isaiah 54:10.
3. My Christmas letter is becoming my nemesis this year.
4. I am learning that I don't relax well.
5. The Star Wars Wii game is a blast!
6. I have said no to more things than I have said yes to in the last few weeks. It's been hard but they've all been the right decision.
7. God has given me a theme for 2009 - I Choose Joy.
8. Sometimes (a lot of the time) I don't understand prayer.
9. A brand new calendar for a brand new year makes me giddy with the possibilities.

Dear Noelle

When did she start looking less like a munchkin and more like a young girl?

11. N2 managed to literally EJECT herself from the table at breakfast this morning sending herself, her blanket and her bowl of cereal flying. Still not sure what happened. Suffice it to say, it was a mess!
12. E's new game - she pulls her hand inside her sleee and says, "Where hand, Mommy?" All present express shock and dismay over the missing hand! She then thrusts it out of her sleeve and says "'ere is!" Endless entertainment!
13. This Guy. Spent his Saturday afternoon building a gingerbread house with N1. He's favorite person in the whole world. 



  1. Hi,

    I ran across your blog through another blog (you know how that works!) and I just wanted to say hello to a fellow homeschooler from Tennessee. We have a lot of the same interests. I enjoyed browsing through your blog. Beautiful family!


  2. Great list Stephanie! They do a fantastic gingerbread house :)

    I'm always on the lookout for good Wii games - I just looked on Amazon and found 3 Star Wars one for the Wii... which one do you like so much?!

    Oh, and I love banana bread too. Need to make a loaf of that, or cranberry bread, which I think I love more this time of year. Yummy :)

    Have a wonderful day and a blessed Christmas season!


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