Saturday, December 06, 2008

Our Christmas Book List

Christmas Books

As promised, here's a peek into our December book basket! You will see quite an eclectic mix below. There are also a few that I wasn't able to get at the library so I'll try and remember to post those titles as well. :) 

To preface: In our home we do talk about Santa as well as the true reason for Christmas - the birth of the Christ child. There is a GREAT resource book called Santa Are You For Real? that talks about the real St. Nicholas and how is goal was to keep Christ as the true focus of Christmas. I want my girls to enjoy some of the traditions that I grew up with for Christmas and Santa is part of that - the key is finding the right balance between the emphasis of Jesus' birth and some of the Santa traditions.

And now, on to our library stack! :) 

Christmas Books up close

Some that didn't make the picture:
And, I'll point you in the direction of some other Christmas lists that I've seen (although I have not read all the books so I'll give that disclaimer!)

I'm sure I'm leaving something out, but I have to stop now. Must be off to get girls dress for their Christmas program rehearsal this morning. Happy Saturday!


  1. Thanks for sharing. That is a lot of books! I just ordered 4 books from CBD. It was hard not to go crazy. There are so many different types I'd like to have... there's always next year. = )

    We talk about Santa also. I don't mind him. We just make sure the kids know the real reason is Jesus.

  2. Amanda8:45 PM

    Thanks for the great book ideas - I am getting ready to check our library's online catalog now for some of them that are new to us! I am glad to hear about "Santa Are You For Real?" We also strive to keep the emphasis on Jesus while enjoying the "fun" of Santa and the traditions we enjoyed growing up.


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