Wednesday, December 03, 2008

tis the season...

In response to a prompt over at ScrapFaith. I sort-of went off on my own tangent with this, I think, but it represents something I needed to get journaled regarding the stage that I'm in right now...

tis the season

Journalling for "tis the season"


  1. Beautiful! It's hard not to feel like you are missing out or slacking in this stage. I keep reminding myself that my children have a higher priority than "good things."

    Thanks for the reminder!

  2. Anonymous7:10 AM

    Steph, I remember this so well and this really touched me today. You, like Mary, have chosen the greater thing. Unfortunately it is no longer recognized in our culture as the most important, and sometimes not even a worthy thing at all, and it can be very hard and sometimes very lonely. Most days I felt like I went no where and accomplished nothing, but the fruit is coming! You are right it is a season, just as trees have seasons where they are simply preparing to grow their glorious crop, that's where you are now. I am only beginning to see the fruit of the foundation we laid with our girls by making this sacrifice. You will too!


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