Bloggy Book Tour ::: Against All Odds

Against All Odds is the debut suspense novel from author Irene Hannon. Terrorists are threatening the daughter of the ambassador to Afghanistan and the ambassador wants his daughter in protective custody NOW. The problem - he and his daughter, Monica, aren't on speaking terms and the last thing she wants to do now is hear what he has to say. Enter the FBI hostage rescue team and Evan Cooper. He finds himself attracted to Monica and intrigued by her faith in God ... neither are part of his game plan which is to do his job well and move on.

I enjoyed this book. The style of story resembles a Dee Henderson novel (think the O'Malley series or her Uncommon Heroes novels). And, I always enjoy a peek into our nation's defensive lines and what the life of an unsung hero might be like. If you enjoy mysteries with a hint of romance, I recommend checking out Against All Odds.


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