Valentine's Recap

Valentine's ::: New Dress
New dresses for girlies.

Valentine's ::: My gift
My Valentine's goodies from Travis ... cough medicine for me and N2 and Diet Coke (or some facsimile thereof). Absolutely perfect. :)

Valentine's ::: Our goodies
Our goodies that we were giving to friends at church. Easy-peasy.

Valentine's ::: New Favorite Photo
My new, favorite pic. Love these munchkins. :)
My apologies for all the blank posts you might have received. Blogger kept pubishing after I typed the title. Strange!


  1. Gorgeous Stephanie....and the girls seeing your idea for the cards! Coming to your place is always a guaranteed "Ahhh" and a smile.. Thanks!

  2. So sweet! I'm such a bad mom. We basically skipped right over Valentine's. But we have lunch with friends tomorrow and Ben's 4th birthday party on Saturday. I think that's why we skipped Valentines! :)

  3. What a cute picture of the girls! Love it!


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