Valentine's Day 2

I mentioned yesterday that I was going to try and love on my family an extra-special bit every day this week. Since our park trip yesterday didn't work out, I have been trying to come up with a little goody for my girls today. Unfortunately, I have a middle munchkin running a fever and feeling puny in general and N1 has ballet this afternoon. So, the plan will be to pick up a little Sonic drink for the girls on the way to ballet. It will be happy hour (so an inexpensive treat) and they love getting a diet sprite with different flavors mixed into it ... diet cherry sprite is a big hit.

I also want to help them make some little Valentine's for their church friends to hand out on Sunday. I thought I would share a few CUTE valentines that I have seen on Etsy. The cool thing about these valentines is that you print them yourself! I love this idea. No matter if you have one child or twelve ... you purchase the PDF file and can then print as many as you need. All you need is cardstock and some kind of paper cutter. Brilliant, I say. :)

Anyway, here are some cute ones that I've spotted:
  • these daschaund valentine's. She has a cute freebie on her blog in this post - just email her for the PDF file.
  • these little alien valentines. (I admit it. I have a soft-spot for cute little aliens.) :) She also has cats and mice if aliens are not your thing.*
  • adorable octopuses ... octopi?
  • sweet little children with jumpropes and balloons.*
  • not technically for Valentine's but would work in a pinch.*
  • and lastly, one of my favorites - coffee love. I'm hoping to get some of these printed to give to a few girlfriends.*

Hope you enjoy!

PS. The * at the end of the line means that I have purchased from these shops before and have nothing but good things to say about them. :)


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