Friday Felicities ::: February 20


Things that make me happy:
  • watching the 21 mo. old trying to zip up her sleeper and realizing she can't see the zipper because it's under her little tummy. :)
  • new specs without scratches. I can see!!!!
  • the geekiness of making a graph/chart in my journal and mapping out things for the future.
  • Everyday Food magazine ... perused the new issue last night while Travis worked on music and it's all. about. pasta. My, my.

Happy Friday. :)

Hosted by Becky.


  1. Have a great day, Steph!

  2. Anonymous10:17 AM

    Love the new glasses, Stephanie! I need some new ones very badly.

    I just subscribed to Everyday Foods, but I haven't gotten my first issue yet. I can't wait!

    I sent you an email. Did you get it?

  3. Everyday Food is #1!!!! I have been getting it for years - love it!


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