Monday, February 09, 2009


Do you do anything for Valentine's Day? It's still a "holiday" (and I use that word very loosely) that I'm finding my way on. Having not dated until I met my husband, it is safe to say that Valentine's was not a bright spot on my radar. Most V-days were spent in denial of the day or heading out to a dinner and movie with girlfriends so that we didn't spend the evening alone.

While I will agree with almost anyone that Valentine's has been blown way out of proportion by Hallmark and American Greetings, I love having a special day of love to celebrate with my husband AND my girls. Not that my girls (or my husband) don't know that I love them, but a fun day of little "love" treats on a day not their birthday can be a bright spot in the middle of cold, gray days.

I've been trying to think of things that I can do for at least one family member each day. This morning my girls helped me pack their Daddy's lunch for work and we had fun planting a little surprise in Daddy's lunchbox.

Mr. Incredible

I'm hoping to send something in T's lunch every day this week and come up with a few treats for the girls as well - today we had a spontaneous picnic at the park. Unfortunately that backfired on us with a disastrous diaper incident so I'm working on a plan B. :)

Any plans in your neck of the woods for this week?

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  1. Anonymous9:11 PM

    Aren't you a sweet wife for planning something special for your hubby all week long! : ) I'm afraid I'm fresh out of ideas in the Valentine's Day department. My girls are coloring store-bought Valentines tomorrow for kids at church, etc. We'll probably bake some cookies (also the store-bought variety) later in the week, and then we might actually make real, handmade Valentines for daddy and the grandparents, etc. I'm all ears for other good ideas, though.


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