• It's Friday. I love Fridays. Actually, there's not really a day that I don't love, but I love Fridays because my girls love Friday. Friday nights are pizza and movie night AND Fridays mean that the next day is Saturday. Saturdays are cinnamon rolls and Daddy stays home all day. We lurve us some Saturdays. :)

  • This morning I logged off my computer for about two hours. I am amazed (and slightly saddened) at all I was able to accomplish with out the distraction of email pings and what not. It has clarified a few things that I was questioning and I will be unplugging more. (HT: Mer @ Lifeat7000feet for the idea). I am so thankful that I have the opportunity to work from home for my church, and I can do that because of the wonders of technology/internet/email/etc., but the partial attention that I sometime give my home and family is not something I'm proud of. (For more on this, read Katherine's timely post at Raising Five for today. Spot on). Technology is a good thing, and I love it, but I need some boundaries.

  • We are enjoying these in our house:

The girls spotted them at Aldi's - all the Valentine's bouquets had been reduced to 99 cents each so they each picked one out to enjoy at home. Fun treats. :)

  • I'm still working on my 365 photo-a-day project and enjoying it for the most part. There have been one or two days where I have just not been in the mood to take a picture or tote my camera - but they have been few - and (I think) only one day that I missed. I'll try and take a few album pics soon once I catch up the journaling. I'm liking this project as a whole. It's been interesting (probably only to me!) to see what I am choosing to highlight each day. :)

  • I have a few things in the works for March, one of which is going to be a no-spend/low-spend challenge for the month. I'm not going to be legalistic about it, but I am going to keep track of my non-essential spending, i.e., Sonic drinks, scrap "necessities" from Joann's, books, etc. :) I think it will be very beneficial to me to see where it's all going.

  • Tonight I'm going out with some girlfriends for dinner (heehee, before the no/low spend challenge of March!) to celebrate an upcoming baby. These are my "company girls" and I am eager to trade a few hugs and see everyone face to face. One of the husbands of one of these girls was at our house last night doing some music stuff with Travis - his wife had him pick up a diet coke for ME at Sonic on his way over ... now that's a true girlfriend. :)

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! I'm enjoying the sunlight streaming through my windows right now, even though it is still too cold to go out with girls and enjoy it. A little sun on the face is good therapy for me any day so I'll take it!



  1. I have never had coffee with Rachel Anne and the gang. What have I been missing?? I am from Tn too, outside of Nashville. Enjoy your day!

  2. I love weekends too!!! The boys do too! I think we're gonna have to start doing Friday night pizza and movies! Sounds like a great thing to start!

  3. Sounds like you're in for an amazing weekend! I LOVE Tennessee - took my daughter to visit all the touristy places in Nashville and Knoxville in 2006 as a graduation gift. We both fell in love with it, but had to come home to California. :)

    I'm trying to "unplug" a little more...all too often do I spend my day at the computer (some of it is actually working!) ... the more time I spend AWAY from it, the better I feel. Thanks for the nudge with this!

  4. Love the weekends, except this weekend our house is a little infirmiry. I live in Jackson, Tn...wish I could join you for a girls night, very tempting after a week stuck in the house wiht sick kids! Have a great time with your girls and have a great weekend!

  5. I'm so pumped that it's the weekend! Tomorrow is special breakfast day for us too! I think I'll make cinnamon pull-apart for the kiddos. I love Saturdays because there's no hurry to get anywhere and we all lounge around in our jammies for the morning. :)

    Have a good one!

  6. we usually have a homemade pizza night once a week depending on hubby's work schedule...mmm. Might be tonight :)

  7. aww, Reese never heard of me? Sad, you should send her over :)

    Stephanie, you mentioned so many things I just want to comment on EVERYTHING!

    the unnecessary spending, the technology turn-off (Katherine's post was very convicting!!), Sonic, girlfriends....you packed it all in!

    I read Katherine's post, ironically, when I was drying my hair and checking my email on my phone! Oh, brother. I think I could use some boundaries, too.


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