Wednesday, June 08, 2011

8 Months


Eight months. How HAS the time gone by so quickly?

I know this isn't a great picture of you, buddy. You were being such a trooper with Noelle and Mama at the library this week and you did NOT feel good. You have been battling this same ear infection for a month now and we are ready for you to get to feeling better.


You are such a happy, happy boy. You are so easy to take places, although the ability to nap in your car seat is becoming less frequent. You just roll right along with whatever Mama has planned and I love taking my big boy with me. You are definitely a mama's boy - you will have nothing whatsoever to do with a bottle, no thank you. This is the longest that I have nursed any of my babies and I am so thankful, especially since you are my last one. I would appreciate it, however, if you would kindly start sleeping a bit more at night. That would really, really make Mama happy. : )


I caught this picture of you sneaking into your sisters' room. They have some really cool stuff in there - some of which is off limits. You found a little ball though and claimed it as your own. You are such a BOY.


Some of your favorites right now include:

  • blueberry yogurt - your eyes light up when I get out the container!
  • carrots (actually, you will pick an orange veggie over green any day)
  • pulling up to stand on everything!
  • your Daddy - you always reach for him the moment you see him.
  • cousin JoJo
  • waving bye-bye
  • taking a bath
  • sitting in your big boy carseat (it's easier to see the sissies in the backseat)
  • going to the pool (we were amazed at how fearless you were in the water compared to the girls. Amazed.)


These eight months with you have been fabulous big guy. Even though I am a little sad at how fast it is all going by, I'm starting to get excited about a first birthday party for you and how to make it super-duper-special.

Love you, Ethan-boy.

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  1. LOVE that first picture of him. What a face!

    So sorry he's been sick. =( Sick babies are no fun in the worst way. I just feel so badly for them.

    (Glad his fever went down though!)


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