Monday, June 13, 2011

I love ball games

I love going to my niece and nephew's ball games. There is just something very fun about being at the ball park. Warm summer evening. Cheering for their teams, Little girls playing with cousins. Coming home very filthy.

It's all good.

My neice ... she would intimidate me with that stare.


My nephew. He's a little bit cute.


The uncle. The little girls think he pretty much rocks.


The food stand at the ballpark. Shamed is the Mama who does not bring a few quarters so that they can get a popsicle. (Luckily between me, my sister and my Mom we were able to pool enough change so the kids could survive the game).


Healthy snacks. Water cancels out Doritos, right?


The boy. He makes the rounds with everyone. The uncle is instructing him in the ways of the force sport and getting a little guy time.


Time to sit with Grandma for a bit.


Oooh, Grandma has a drink for me! Actually, it's just a straw I chewed on for a while, but I thought I was pretty cool.


The uncle and the boy again. A mid-air shot.


No pictures of the game. : ) I was too busy cheering my niece and make sure the girls didn't fall of the bleachers by that point. Wish we could make it to more games each season - it's definitely a highlight of our spring/summer evenings.

Happy Monday!


  1. Gotta love baseball games! Our 2 games were canceled Saturday due to rain and cold. We just have a couple of weeks left of the season.

  2. How fun! We LOVE spending time at the ballpark, which is good since we practically live there. And my Best Girl will tell you, concession stand treats are a must! So glad you had a fun evening!


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