Monday, June 06, 2011

Monday's To-Do's:

Sharpies are a happy thing. :)

Happy Monday! We are kicking off a busy week of dance camp for the two little girls. Oh my, the excitement this morning. But they were super adorable heading off together in their pink leotards, if I do say so. : ) We have to be out the door early to get them to their camp on time, and if the rest of this week goes as well as today did, we will have it made. Honestly, mama taking time to spend a few minutes with Jesus before little ones were up also made a difference I do believe. : )

Anyway, on my list today:
  • write and mail a couple of thank you notes
  • the ever present LAUNDRY
  • finish any last minute brainstorming and purchasing for T's birthday which is this coming weekend
  • write a review of Made to Crave although I know I will not do this book justice. THAT good.
  • made an orthodontic consultation appointment for my SEVEN year old. 
  • made eye appointments for me and T. I am afraid it's time for bifocals for me. Boo.
  • start a list for when/if we travel to see family this summer. I have not traveled with a baby in a while and I know I will forget something!
  • insert what I am forgetting right here: ________________. : )
Hope everyone has a wonderful Monday. I'm off to feed the baby quickly before we hop back into the car to pick up the girls from dance and hear all about it. Can't wait.

We have little people very excited about dance camp this morning!

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  1. HA! I just sat down and attempted to write up a review of Made to Crave last night. Agreed. THAT GOOD. =)

    We're traveling with a baby this summer. That's something we've NEVER done before. If you have any tips or tricks, I'm all ears! =)


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