Saturday, June 25, 2011

Show and Tell

I figured I'd do a little show and tell of things I have noted this week that hopefully I have time to go back and spend a little more time on.

I'm excited to participate in Ali's Week in the Life project again this year. This will be the third time (I think) that I've participated in this project. Truthfully, neither of the previous years have ever made it into an album. However, I do have those weeks documented on the blog and I love looking back and seeing a glimpse of the dailyness that is our life. This will be the week right before the start of school so who knows if it will include a lot of last minute summer fun or some last minute preparations so that we can start school the following week. Either way, I love this process of documenting and am looking forward to it.

Melissa Wiley is a author and book blogger that I stumbled on to ages ago. She has a huge span of kids and when she recommends a book, I put it on my list to check on at the library. She recently had a Q&A post on her blog and so I threw one out about books for N1 as we embark on a study of early civilizations / ancient Greek / ancient Romans / ancient Chinese civilitation a la Story of the World. She didn't just give me a suggestion or two - I got a whole post! Thrilled to pieces I am. Between her list and the book reviews that Amy at Hope is the Word did last year, I am not as scared of tackling this area of history with my 2nd grader as I once was.

Shimelle has been posting some great travel-related scrapbooking posts. It's making me want to take a trip just for the sake of a travel scrapbook. : ) We aren't traveling this summer, but I'm bookmarking this post, this one, and this one to refer back to when it's time.

So many posts about living an intentional, present life where I am right now ... do you think there is a message I'm supposed to be hearing? : )

This post from Ann Voskamp about scripture memory and this one about family time in the Word. Convicted, I am. Making plans.

And for something on an extremely humorous note:

This makes me really laugh. : )

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