Friday, June 17, 2011

Project life ::: Weeks 23-24

Some quick shots of the last two weeks worth of pictures. Today is the first day that we've been home all day, just us. (No cousins or friends). It's been very nice and quiet for the most part and I was able to scrap some this afternoon while the girls watched a movie.

The overview shot:


Left side: a couple pictures of our first trips to the neighborhood pool and one that my niece took of N2. The 4th journaling slot is cut from the side of a Happy Meal box. The Kung Fu Happy Meal was a big hit with little people that week. : )


Right side: pics of the girls with library books and reading w/ cousin J. The top right photo is one of those flip-up ones, but the picture I took was really blurry - oops. Bottom picture is of N1 with her new smash journal - I've signed her up for a creative kids scrapbook class that starts next week. The journal is part of her supplies and I've had to hide it to keep her from messing with it. : ) Also a pic of E in our front carrier. It won't be long before he's too big for it.


Week 24 overview:


The left side: a pair of shoes that N2 hardly takes off, a couple pics and notes about dance camp, and the card that says "details" is a fold-out one with extra journaling all about sick boy this week. Last journal slot is a tag from the girls' dance leotards I bought with a picture glued to it.


There is a 5 x 7 insert this week - the pages in there are a little long, but they would have been way too small for an 8 1/2 x 11 page protector. One side is a note that N1 received from her 1st grade teacher and the other side is some current B artwork.


Right side: just random shots from the week - being waved off as we drove to dance camp, a pool pic, more dance camp, and lastly a subtle shot I took at a church staff meeting we attend once a month. : ) The princess shot of the girls is another fold-up page with pics of my niece's ball game underneath.


Summer life is full right now! I have lots more summer stories that I want to tell on other scrapbook layouts; however, I'm so thankful that I have this system to get the main ones down while they are fresh. : )

For more information about Project Life, visit Becky Higgins' blog.

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