Saturday, June 04, 2011

Project Life ::: Weeks 21 & 22

Two more weeks of Project Life!

This is week 21 (so May 15th - 21st, I believe). Another insert on this week since it was our last week of N1's tutorial and lots of great little scraps came home with her. This insert is a 12x12 page with a 6x12 slot on the top and three 4x6 vertical spaces on the bottom. Worked perfectly for this week. I love all the little pieces that we were able to include this week!


Up close: on the date card I stuck a little post-it that B wrote on. She made some really great "B"s and I wanted to save them.
Sunday: a photo of my brother-in-law with our family's 39th birthday mug gag gift. I was happy to pass it on to him. : )
Monday: we took B in for her 4yr well check-up and see was a rockstar at her appointment! She had to get one shot and the girl didn't flinch OR shed a single tear. We were so impressed that we celebrated with Sonic ice cream cones at 10:30 in the morning after her appointment! (Are we wild and crazy or what?!) : )
Tuesday: with the boy's newfound ability to pull up, Daddy took the bassinet tray out of her pack and play. Yet another milestone for the boy. He is delighted at being able to see the girls through the sides of his bed.
Also: in the 4th journaling slot you can see a piece that I cut from a card that Carrie sent me - it was too pretty to throw away! : )


Front of the insert:
Top pocket: holds a certificate from N1's teacher on her oral insect presentation that she did in class.
Bottom left: a little grading sheet from her teacher with a sweet note.
Middle: another copy of the Mother's Day tea picture of me and N1. I really love this picture of us, so I included it twice in the album. : )
Bottom right: journaling card that I made on the computer. (Can't remember what card that I resized and from what digital kit ... I will update when I do.


The back of the insert:
Top pocket: the back of her certificate has a photo of her and her teacher.
Bottom left: another little note from her teacher on the last day of school.
Middle: more journaling.
Bottom right: a photo from her field day when she did the potato sack race - love that we captured her mid-jump!


Page 2 of week 21:
Wednesday: Awana awards night.
Thursday: we found this little shopping cart at the consignment store. At $2.50, it was the best purchase ever.
Friday: a Daddy and B date night.
Saturday: three close girlfriends came over for dinner and we had so much fun catching up and talking. Well worth the lack of sleep. : )


Week 22 (May 22-28):


First page:
Sunday: just a cute pic from Sunday evening when we were playing outside. I put the boy in B's toy car - he's definitely not very stable in there, but it will not be long!
Monday: Dentist day.
Tuesday: this picture didn't photograph well for the blog, but it's a pic of N2 on her top bunk looking at a book with her flashlight. (I don't know if enlarging it in flickr will make it show up better.)
Extra: third journaling card has a lovely picture of a cicada that I snapped in the car as it rode along with us.


Page 2:
Wednesday: a rare group family pic! Everyone went out to see our nephew M play baseball at one of his last games this season.
Thursday: my niece J is out of school for the summer and came over and spent the day with us. The girls love it when she comes over so I think we'll see lots of her this summer.
Friday: the first day that the neighbor girls were out of school so there was LOTS of bike riding and princesses outside today.
Saturday: ANOTHER milestone for the boy as we moved him from the infant seat to a rear-facing toddler seat. (At 20 lbs. in a beat-up infant seat that was about to literally fall apart on us, we went ahead and made the move to keep him safer). Good decision, but he looks like such a big boy!


And there you have it! I know I say this in almost every post, but this has been such a great way of documenting the everyday for us. I can see continuing this on for many years to come. : )


  1. Where did you get these pages with the sections in them?

    I love your Project Life stuff. I am working on catching up with my albums (I am two years behind, but hoping to be caught up by the end of summer). I may try to do this approach next year. It seems so simplified, but it's such a great way to document!

  2. Love this, but you knew that already, right!?! My just-turned-one year old STILL doesn't weigh 20 pounds!!!!


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