Insta-Friday // 11.18.2011 Version

The snapshots of our week:

A Sunday afternoon trip to the used bookstore. : )

Some pre-Christmas treat prep. Now to keep them hidden until it's time to use them!

A little Christmas treat prep. Now where to hide so it's still around in a couple weeks.

Inspired by Ali Edwards' Project Life post for this week, I did a little breakfast documentation yesterday. Regardless of the fact that some mornings I am a short order cook, I love these little memories of what the kids (and I) are eating right now.

Mama and the boy: baked apple oatmeal. Yummmmmm. Considering making this once a week all. winter. long. That good.

The girls: grits, cereal, english muffin, frozen waffles.

A little Christmas browsing... (clarifying that I'm not looking for me here ... I would KILL myself in these shoes).  : )

Christmas shopping.

The girl is learning chess and trying to teach me. I'm learning a lot slower than she is ...

"Starting with the knight is the most possible move."

Reading lesson ... slow and steady, this one is. Over half way through the book and things are starting to click.

Reading lesson.

Happy Friday! We don't have Bible study this morning so we are going to a birthday party for a little friend and then I'm hoping to get a head start on some housework to make tomorrow a more relaxing day. We'll see how that all plays out. : )


  1. Going to the local used bookstore is always a treat. =)

    And I have to ask Jonathan to hide the candy around here until it's ready to be used. =P


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