Saturday, November 05, 2011


Since October was consumed with the 31 days project, I feel the need for a short catch-up photo post. This isn't the whole month by any means, but a few fun shots over the last week plus a few days.

Baseball dinner of champions! Also part of tonight's baseball themed family night fun.

We really enjoyed watching the World Series this year ... having watched their cousin play baseball several times now, the girls actually got the rules of the game (for the most part). Last Friday's normal family pizza and movie night was set aside in favor of a baseball themed night. We put the boy to bed a little early, had hot dogs (with chili for the adults) and cracker jack, and the girls stayed up late to see the end of game seven.

Making lists. #1000GiftsStarting this year's thankful project.

With November comes gratitude projects. 

Harvesting Halloween candy for future baking projects. So far the m&m's and Reese's peanut butter cups have disappeared.

Bagging up the extra candy that will be used in baking projects. Bye-bye, Reese's peanut butter cups and m&m's.

  Tonight's Pinterest dinner: cranberry meatloaf. Looks promising.

Two winners in the new-to-us recipe category this week. Crockpot corn and potato chowder and mini cranberry meatloafs. Yum. FYI: the original recipe on the chowder completely filled my six quart crockpot - it makes a ton! Next time I make it, we will have company or I will halve it; I did halve the meatloaf recipe and it was the perfect size for us.

I really can't get enough of the fall leaves.

I am turning in to my parents. I want to stop the car whenever we are out and take pictures of the leaves. They are breathtaking this year.

Pottery class.

Field trip this week to a pottery studio with N1 and two friends. My creative girl LOVED this activity. Loved, loved, loved it.

Happy mail day from @elisejoy!

Already starting to think about my December Daily / Journal Your Christmas album for this year. I decided to take the stress out of even thinking about an album, saved my pennies, and bought one from EliseJoy this year.

Have also put together a little holiday reading list for the oldest.

Hey @whimzie @carpoolqueen @whidbeygretchen I'm pretty sure these are going in every kid stocking. :)

And doing a little window shopping for Christmas. Bacon candy canes anyone? : )

Happy Saturday.


  1. You know I want details on the book list. :-)

    Looks like a great month!

  2. oK! I'm going to do it! I just decided. I'm going to journal out this December. Oh yes. I am. *Growling up the will power*

    GOING to.

    YES I am.

    And also I am NOT going to eat bacon candy canes. WHAT?!


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