Saturday, November 12, 2011

Insta-Saturday // 11.12.2011

In retrospect, another busy week. Good, but busy. We've had enough going on that I managed to somehow "forget" about laundry for most of the week so today is serious payback on that front. For some reason, people want clean clothes to wear!

Anyway, in review:

Monday and Wednesday morning consisted of some way-early dental work for Miss B, including sleepy drugs and a little laughing gas. She was a trooper even if she did look awfully teeny-tiny on that big table there.

Andrew Peterson? The author of one of my favorite series, The Wingfeather Saga? Performing an Advent concert in a few weeks? Oh, we are so there.

On Tuesday, a sweet woman from church came and stayed with the kids so I could celebrate a close friend's birthday. The kids had a great time with Miss Betsy and practically shoved me out the door, and I? Lunch! At a fancy(ish) restaurant! On a school day! With grown-ups! Celebrating my friend! It was a  wonderful treat.

Happy Day project , day 1 a day late :) (@JoysHope)

We also had some very normal chicken soup lunches, too. : )

It's a chicken noodle soup kind of day.

We joke that because B now has what we call her super teeth (two nice little silver crowns in her mouth), she was able to learn how to ride a two wheeler this week. I'm not ready for my baby girl to be as mobile as the other girls. Am also working on how to stop time this weekend to counteract this.

Another 2-wheeler rider.

Re: stopping time, see photo below. Always, always, always on the move. When he's not asleep. Always.

Cuteness on the move.

T discovered this Italian Grider sub at a local shop one day on his lunch hour and recreated it one night at home for me. Delicious. And I didn't make it. Makes it even better.

Husband cooked dinner. Italian grinder sub + BBQ chips.

Where I was on 11/11/11 at 11:11. : ) And yes, I told my small group at Bible study that I set my timer on my phone to go off and would be taking a picture at 11:11 no matter what we were doing. : )

Where I was on 11/11/11 at 11:11. :)

Mama's pick for family movie night last night. Even though the girls won't let me sing along, it was a sweet way to end the week with Mary, popcorn and a fire in our fireplace. Such blessings.

Mama's pick for family movie night. :)

Happy Saturday!


  1. Is that Community Bible Study? I did it for 3 years and was a core leader for my last year. Ah, the good old days! I miss it!

  2. She does look small on the dentist chair.

    Andrew Peterson was traveling with Steven Curtis Chapman. I didn't know who he was, specifically. (I could identify some of his songs.) Amazing song writer, we thought. An advent concert would be FUN! Enjoy!


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