Project Life ::: November 13 -19

This may be one of my favorite weeks that I've laid out of late ... I had more time to play with it this morning while the kids enjoy this beautiful weather outside and the little guy took a nap. It's been a weird Thanksgiving week for us - both relaxing and not all at the same time! Relaxing because we really have hardly left the house since Tuesday and that has been wonderful. Not so restful because poor T came down with the flu Tuesday and was just miserable until about yesterday afternoon. Thankfully, no one else has caught it (which surely it would have struck one of the rest of us by now if it was going to, right?) and he is on the mend. We've done a lot of tiptoeing around while he rested and broken several of the Christmas movies out early to watch with him over the past few days. 

But back to Project Life. : ) Here's the layout as a whole from last week. One 8 1/2 x 11 insert holding a Thanksgiving card N1 made at church for her Dad.


The left layout: books from our trip to the used books store, a photo of T in his new cube at work, lots of chess being played here of latel.


I also included a tag ("tis the season") that came with some scrapbooking goodies I ordered from Elle's Studio last week. I made an uncharacteristic splurge and bought their limited edition Christmas kit to use in my December Daily for this year. This little tag was on the tissue paper wrapping my order so I saved it. Now to just wait another week until I can really dive into my December Daily album as well!


The right side of the week: a photo of my desk (a disaster), a photo of what everyone ate for breakfast that morning (inspired by this post of Ali Edwards), celebrated one of the boy's little buddy's birthday, and a photo from a chaotic Christmas program rehearsal. : )



A note from N1 that I glued to the title card for the week. I loved how she signed it, "your loving kid."


Over the past several months I've started reading a few new blogs that have some GREAT Project Life layout inspiration: Lisa Truesdell, Michelle Wooderson, and Marcy Penner to name a few. They have each recently written monster project life posts describing their system and it has inspired me to get a little bit more crafty with my album. If you are interested, Lisa's is here, Marcy's is a whole series that ends here (with links to all previous posts), and Michelle has a great post on getting caught up on PL when you are behind here. One thing that I have learned (which I knew, but it was kind of a "duh" moment for me) was that I really do need to set aside time to work on this weekly. My memories are fresher and it is not nearly as overwhelming to sit down, go through and edit, and print off seven days worth of photos than it is to do that by the month (or more!) Then I do have the time for the creative thought to dress up a journaling card or play with some memorabilia from the week. Just a little enlightenment for me, continuing to keep this project fresh so that I am energized by it and not burdened by it, if that makes sense. : )

Happy Saturday. : )


  1. Do you have any idea how much this makes me want to try this yet again?

  2. Where do you get these pages? I was looking for them to help me journal December (because yes, I AM going to do it!) but I couldn't find them so I just went with a small, simple album.

    I'm excited about this project. But those pages look easy to put together also and I'm interested in trying that as well!


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