happy day

I enjoyed reading Joy's posts on her Happy Day Project a few weeks ago. The girls and I were able to participate in a few things that week and it was good for us.

We baked banana bread and gave it to a sweet friend.

Happy Day project , day 1 a day late :) (@JoysHope)

We wrote notes and mailed them to different people we wanted to encourage.

Happy Day project, day 2 (@JoysHope)

Thanks, Joy, for hosting such a fun week of blessing others!

I've also managed to catch up on a few more weeks of Project Life. This first week is from right around July 4th. Lots of pool shots. : )



Some of N2's artwork fills a page protector in the middle.


This is the week of November 6-12.




Snuck a little extra journaling behind the bottom right photo. : )


Happy Thanksgiving Eve. Kids are playing outside. Baby is tearing apart the schoolroom while I do massive amounts of laundry and there is a thawed turkey staring at me every time I open the refrigerator. Such blessings. : )


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