It's beginning to look a little like Christmas!

Notice I didn't say "a lot" like Christmas. You see, we have this boy. And he is into e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. right now. A few baby steps towards decorating happened this weekend ... most of them were things that were up high and unreachable. : )

Our tree. When we moved, we threw away the very, very, very old fake tree I had owned for at least 15 years (and it was well loved when it came to me!) Last year, we bought a very small pre-lit tree at Walmart and it is set up and ornament less for the time being. I would love to get a big tree again, but I don't know that this is the year.

Last night we did our first reading from our Advent devotional for this year. This is our humble Jesse tree we'll hang our ornaments from. I think we'll need more branches before we're done, but there are enough to start with.

Advent beginnings tonight.

One side of our built in bookshelves (the right side if you are looking at it). Our Jesse tree will reside here when we are doing our reading in the evening (over to the right). I have a Susan Branch Christmas book here, plus the four December Daily albums that I've done laid out in front. I would like to put those in a basket, but haven't found one around the house to steal yet to slip them in. : ) Interesting tidbit: As I unpacked them, I sat and looked through all of the albums. With the exception of the first one, everyone has at least one day if not more missing. But, even with missing days, I love these albums. They aren't perfect by any means, but they are such a great overview of four of our Christmases.

The right side of our mantel. Spray painted pinecones. (Thank you Pinterest inspiration). Our nutcracker that has been hot-glued because some child actually tried to crack a nut with it. Decorative purposes only, apparently. : ) And some little matroyska dolls given to me by a friend from church. I love, love, love nesting dolls. If I had time and money to collect them, I totally would.

The right side of the mantel. Well loved stacking Santas that a college friend brought me from Germany many years ago. I love these beat up Santas and the girls love playing with them.

On the built in bookcases on the left: a small tin holding our Jesse tree ornaments all ready to go. Underneath, some favorite small Christmas books. Jan Karon's The Mitford Snowmen, Christmas with Anne by L.M. Montgomery, Christmas Joy by Susan Branch, Touching Wonder by John Blase (my cyberfriend Meredith's husband), another one that I can't remember and I'm upstairs right now, and Letters from Father Christmas by J.R.R. Tolkien.

Just a few glimpses around our family room as we prepare for December.


  1. Do you know how much I really want to make a December daily album this year? A whole bunch, and your little reminders aren't helping. ;-). If only I knew enough already to tackle a digi album!

    Love this peek into your home!


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