Project Life // October pages

I've been working on my Project Life album more ... trying to catch up on a few weeks as I can. Realizing the 2012 isn't really that far away and with it will come another album to work on. Yes, I will be continuing on with Project Life. While I miss regular (and more time-consuming) paper scrapbooking, this is helping me get our daily moments into albums and I love that. Becky Higgins has announced the new kits that are coming out next year (I have my eye on the new Clementine one), but I have also been trying (when and if I have extra time) to add it a few of my own scrappy papers and extras to the album. This post by Lisa (@gluestickgirl) is fabulous on her whole Project Life system and has given me all sorts of new ideas for my album.

These are just some quick shots I took last night - I was battling my shadow and the overhead light so they aren't great, but you can get the gist of the pages.

October 9 - 15:


A couple shots of the new 1 year old, phone shot of a text from T, a post-dinner chess game (N1 is fired up about chess right now), and a small phone photo of a fall tree that I cut down to fit a journaling card. (I think there is a fall tree on every page here ... the colors have been so beautiful, I can't stop taking pictures of them). : )


The right side: a photo of check-in at our Awana program at church on Wednesday, writing letters to a dear friend from church that recently had surgery, a photo from one of our Friday Fun Schools where we went and volunteered at a local agency, and Saturday includes some random shots of Mama's Day Out (i.e., a grainy photo of the woman lecturing + plus my notes + plus everyone waving me off that morning).

October 16 - 22:


Photos here include a Sunday trip to the library, girls cleaning my bathroom (which is obviously work a photo as they were fighting discussing who got to mop and who got to vacuum), T holding a friend's new baby, and some small photo shots scattered around the journaling cards.


Page 2 on this week includes a trip to the Adventure Science Center, yet another trip to our pediatrician's office (ear infection + walking pneumonia for N2), the pumpkin patch and the pumpkin seeds that resulted.

October 23 - October 29:


Sorry that this one is terribly blurry! I may try and retake and replace in this post. Memories here include another Sunday library trip (I sense a pattern here), but this time N1 wanted to check out her own books on her own card instead of me normally lumping everything together. The boy figured out how to climb in and out of the dryer while I am folding clothes - yay. : ) And a plate of cookies for our small group coming over.


Page two includes some school notes, more fall trees!, a recap of our Family Friday movie and pizza baseball and hotdog night as we watched the end of the World Series, and a photo from a super fun pirate birthday party the little girls attended.

October 30 - November 5:


The baby Wookie shot. (I never get tired of this photo) + plus one of all the kids. I didn't have a photo for Sunday so I just let Halloween spill over this week. The bottom right photo are random November 1st shots and I couldn't decide which to use ... so I included all of them. A few photos of food that we ate this week and loved (new recipes), a photo of our gratitude tree (in process), and bags of Halloween candy that went into the freezer for baking.


This page includes a photo of a recent field trip for N1 to a pottery studio, a book we read and loved for school, serving in B's Bible study class this past week, and a picture of our craft from last Friday's Friday Fun School. (Apple stamping: messy but thoroughly enjoyed by kids. Hence no photos during the actual stamping because it was crazy!)

And there are the last four weeks in a nutshell! Hoping to continue to work on getting caught up on several more weeks. Thankfully, I have all the photos printed ... I just need to sit and write!

Happy Wednesday!


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