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What was on your mind yesterday? N1 had a headache (a first) and I was a little worried what was up with that.
What is on your mind today? Do I get out of the house with the girls or not? I could run a couple errands, or we could stay in .... what to do!
Do you like bonfires? Yes! But only if it's chilly out. A summer/hot weather bonfine (been to one of those before) is just wrong!
Have you lived up to your parents' expectations? In some areas. :-)
Are we more likely to find you in a coffee bar or a nightclub? Coffee bar.
Do you gamble? No.
Have you ever ridden a horse? Several times. Those were all adventures that ended Very.Badly. For me. Not the horse.
Do you drink alcohol? No.
Turn your head to the right -- what do you see? Baskets of pens and my calendar. *happy sigh*
How tall are you? Almost 5'5" (5'4½")
Describe your last date: Um, we went out for Mexican food and saw Spiderman 3 the night before E was due ... and then I started having contractions at the movies and we ended up heading to the hospital about midnight!
Do you have rhythm? Yes when it comes to playing an instrument or singing .... none at all when it comes to dancing.
What web browser do you use? IE.
What time zone are you in? Central
Do you wear a wristwatch? All.The.Time.
Are you clumsy or graceful? It's about even.
Do you like to spy on people? Not really. :-)
Are football players paid too much? Yes.
Does time always kill pain? No.
First kiss? The husband. :-)
Are you complicated? Sometimes.
Do you believe in heaven? Absolutely.
Are you free with your feelings? With my girls and husband, yes! With others, not so much.
How much money do you have in your wallet right now? 26 cents. :-)

If you do this, leave me a comment so I can come check it out!


  1. OK, I gave it a try!

  2. Where's your blog, Diane? All I found when I clicked your profile was a quilting blog? Help! :)


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