Saturday, May 26, 2007

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

A few photos and then I'm off ... N1 is at her first Chuck E. Cheese birthday party with her Daddy and I'm home with the babies. Hoping to get a few things done once they are down for morning naps.

We had a little photo shoot with my Dad last weekend in the quest for a family photo and one of the three girls together! The goal was really a picture of the girls, but when I noticed that Travis and I were both in blue and red like they were, well, I had to try for a coordinating picture. I was so excited with how they turned out! And, yes, we bribed N1 with a piece of candy to sit and pose like that. :-) The middle picture below of just the girls will go with E's birth annoucement so that our friends can see how big the other girls are getting. I like including all the girls somehow when I mail out a picture and annoucement of the new baby.

Have a great weekend!

Our family:

Our Family - May 07

Our girls:

Our Girls - May 07

The big girls:



  1. those are some great pics!! I dearly love the wagon shots!

  2. Lexie7:17 PM

    When did Noelle's hair turn brown?!

  3. What sweet pictures - you and your family are beautiful!


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