Menu Plan for this Week - May 21

A little late, so I'm not going to even bother linking to Org Junkie's Mr. Linky this week. :-) We're are still supposed to have a couple more meals brought to us from church folks (woo-hoo!) so I've made a rather fluid menu that can be changed if I don't have to cook.

Dinner: Pizza

Dinner: hamburger helper (yum!), green beans, salad

Dinner: chicken stir-fry

Dinner: meatloaf or spaghetti, salad, bread

Dinner: chicken soft tacos (in the crockpot) with all the fixin's

Dinner: crescent roll breakfast cassarole (new recipe) and fruit salad

Lunch: family lunch (at the grandparents); dinner is a lovely assortment of leftovers from the fridge that might still be edible before it is purged for Monday's trash day.

I didn't bother to do breakfast and lunch because the cupboards are BARE! and the untraditional breakfast and lunches that I have been making do with do not need to be posted! The girls (yes, all 3) and I are going to attempt Kroger's this afternoon to restock the necessities which is greatly needed.


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