Thursday, May 03, 2007

A definite sign that I need to have this baby!

My brain is just not working anymore!

We (the girls and I) went to have lunch with my Mom and sister today ... we try and hook up once a week. Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn't. Anyway, we were unloading the girls from the car - I had just changed N2's diaper - and my Mom was pulling out one girl and my sister took the other. I took care of just getting bags and sippy cups and all the paraphenalia one needs for a one hour lunch at Jack in the Box.

While inside, my sister kindly took N1 to the bathroom and when they came out, N1 needed a change of clothing. (We sometimes have aiming issues ... who knew with a girl??) I ran out to the car to get another change of und*rwe*r and when I got near my van, I thought I heard a humming sound like the engine was cooling off or something. That's weird, I thought, but didn't really think anything of it, until I opened the car door and realized that I had left it RUNNING in the parking lot, keys in it, the whole bit. I was so busy unloading girls and things that I completely forgot to turn the car off, and if N1 hadn't needed something, I'm sure it would have sat there running until we got done with lunch. :-)

Proof that I have about completely checked out of reality and need to have this baby. :-)


  1. That sounds like something I would do. The more children you have, the less brain you have. I walked away for the Chick Fil A counter yesterday before the woman handed me my change--$14. Not too good!

  2. If you aren't up to doing it, I understand. But I've tagged you, anyway. Praying for you! Elizabeth will be here soon!!!

  3. Oh sweetie...I have done that with the headlights and run down my battery...ugh.

    I can't wait to hear about baby #3's birth!!!


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